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Workbench Panel
The Species Tab
The Parameters Tab
The Parameter Sets Tab

The Data Browser Tab

The Sensitivity Tab
The Fit Tab
Running a Data Fit
Data Fit Result Window
Plotting the Data Fit
Sensitivity Analysis
Sensitivity Analysis Result Window

The Data Browser tab allows the user to import data files which, in turn, may be used for plotting or parameter estimation. The user either inserts the absolute path of the data file or browses his/her file system (the Import or Browse buttons, respectively). The accepted format is specified in the BioPARKIN Manual.

The user has the option to import several data files which will be displayed in a tab styled format.
This tab has two additional buttons Plot All Data Sets, Plot Selected Data Sets and one check box Include Experimental Data...:
  1. Plot All Data Sets :
    plots all data sets imported
  2. Plot Selected Data Sets :
    plots only the selected data sets
  3. Include Experimental Data... :
    plots additionally the data points in the simulation (use in conjunction with the plot/simulation buttons)