First Steps

Loading a Model

Workbench Panel
The Species Tab
The Parameters Tab
The Parameter Sets Tab
The Data Browser Tab
The Sensitivity Tab
The Fit Tab
Running a Data Fit
Data Fit Result Window
Plotting the Data Fit
Sensitivity Analysis
Sensitivity Analysis Result Window

There are three ways to load an SBML file:
  1. open the file via the
    File > Open

  2. directly via the open file icon
  3. drag and drop of the SBML file from some file browser
The current SBML model file is displayed in the panel Model Overview - Model List.
The two extra panels Entity Tree and Entity Details list the SBML entries of the current SBML file and their respective details, e.g. the compartment(s) and its attributes as ID, Name. See the SBML Specification for further explanations.
Each model file is closed either via menue bar:
File > Close (shortcut: Ctrl + W).